Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Recommendation Tuesday

In the spirit of sharing, I hereby declare Tuesday to be Recommendation Day here at Novelist in Progress. Each week I will share recommendations for books, music and maybe some extras that strike my fancy. Everyone is free to jump in and plug what they’re reading/listening to/obsessed with. This week’s selections are below.

Book of the Week

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Seriously, get and read this book. Immediately. Even those of you who think you are too mature for YA books will be taken in. The characterizations are beautiful (who doesn’t love an ungodly beautiful, yet tortured, vampire hero?), the setting is marvelous and the plot unfolds at a great pace. The sequel is due sometime this fall.

Music of the Week

Demolition by Ryan Adams
I love me some self-destructive emo boy music. Highlights include a semi-cover of U2’s “Desire” that uses the same melody (albeit a slowed down, acoustic version) and new lyrics that bring the shivers. Love love love.

Bonus Rec of the Week

Polka Dot Wedges by C. Ronson
It’s spring—go buy sandals! Specifically, buy cute polka dot espadrilles for only $53. You might need a flippy skirt to go with them. Your call.


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